"On a Mission to Create India's Largest Official Fan Merchandise Store"

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Our Journey

GalaxT is not just a regular e-commerce store but an ultimate destination for fans like you. We help you complete your fandom list and give you the pleasure of carrying your favorite team, comic character, player, and more on your sleeve. Founded in August 2017, we have continuously been on a mission to bring out the best merchandise that makes the fan in you hop in delight. GalaxT is not limited to just sports fans, we have got merchandise for everyone - sports lovers, cartoon lovers, bike enthusiasts, literally everyone. Our online store has a wide array of clothing lines, cool collectibles, and mind-blowing memorabilia that will send every fan into a frenzy. More than that, all the merchandise you order is delivered at lightening-fast speed, right at your doorstep. So, if you really are a fan, and have been searching for a dedicated store, you have arrived at the right place. Get hold of our kickass merchandise and complete your fandom list, only at GalaxT, because we cater to the fan in you.
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